About County Roads Rescue


County Roads Rescue is a Non-Profit organization located in Cherokee County, Texas.

We are Foster, Volunteer and donations based only. We formed our organization to help with a county that is over-run with abandoned animals.

Since forming in May of 2016, we have rescued  360 animals. We rescue, vet, behaviorally assess and then find the perfect placement for each animal. This is a costly process and we rely on the support of our community!

Currently we have 30 animals in our program. This number varies from month to month with our max capacity being 35 animals at one time. We currently do not have a facility and rely on fosters!

We have a few target areas that we focus on such as the local shelter in Jacksonville, Tx. A small town known as Dialville, Tx just south of Jacksonville. And a few other special cases. We unfortunately cannot respond to most of the calls for help due to lack of resources.

                                                     Our Recent Rescue’s

Denali and his sister Sansa, rescued in Cove Springs in Cherokee County. They were starving to death (these are pictures of the day we rescued them and 3 days later after some good food and love). The girl, Sansa, had lost a lot of her muscle control due to lack of nutrition but has gained most of it back already. They will be available for adoption in about 3-4 weeks.








Callie, rescued from Cherokee County by a good Samaritan. Thanks to a foster offer we were able to help this sweet girl who is now waiting on transport. 


Comit was rescued in the city of Jacksonville. He was running lose with a leash tied to him. It turned out he had sarcoptic mange and is heartworm positive. He has recently finished mange treatment and will soon start his heartworm treatment.



Freya was being given away for free in Jacksonville so we were happy to step in and take her into our care. She is available for adoption!

Jojo, recently saved from euthanasia at the local shelter in Jacksonville, he had been there too long and needed a rescue so we stepped in. He ill be available for adoption next month. 

Stella, rescued from the Jacksonville Animal Shelter at only 4 weeks old. She needed extra care at that age so we took her in. She is now 12 weeks old and ready for adoption or transport!

Dobbs was rescued from the Henderson animal shelter on death row. He is heartworm positive and about to go through treatment before being placed up for adoption. 

Bandit was rescued from Henderson Shelter at the same time as Dobbs, he has already been transferred to a rescue partner in Wisconsin and has been adopted. (Bandit on day of rescue, left. Bandit with new brother, right).





Ivan, rescued from Paris, Tx animal shelter on death row. He is waiting for transport to one of our northern rescue partners.