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About County Roads Rescue


County Roads Rescue is a Non-Profit organization located in Cherokee County, Texas.

We are Foster, Volunteer and donations based only. We formed our organization to help with a county that is over-run with abandoned animals.

Since forming in May of 2016, we have rescued 450 animals. We rescue, vet, behaviorally assess and then find the perfect placement for each animal. This is a costly process and we rely on the support of our community!

Currently we have 45 animals in our program. This number varies from month to month.

We have a few target areas that we focus on such as the local shelter in Jacksonville, Tx. A small town known as Dialville, Tx just south of Jacksonville. And a few other special cases. We unfortunately cannot respond to most of the calls for help due to lack of resources.

      Recent News!


We have recently purchased a new facility in Jacksonville, Texas and are currently working on getting It ready for us to move in! We are looking at a move in date in late June or early July. This property contains about half an acre of already fenced in property, plus about .25 more acres on the outside. A dog building containing 10 inside/outside kennels, AC and heat already established, on concrete floors with drains already installed. Along with another small building that was previously used as a Cat shelter. There is a portable office building, with a washroom attached and a large storage shed on the property as well! 

We had a friend and volunteer cover the immediate costs to purchase the building and we will be paying it back as a rent-to-own! There will of course be utility costs, and the costs of maintaining the rescue along with our monthly rent. Donations are greatly appreciated at this time! To donate directly to the cost of our facility follow the link below

Facility Fundraiser

We also currently have a T-shirt fundraiser going on until the 27th of May!

T Shirt Fundraiser


In Other News!

We rescued around 45 dogs from March until May! It was our busiest puppy season so far. We have a ton of puppies who will be available for adoption by mid June! Check them out on our adoption page or follow us on Facebook for updates!