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About County Roads Rescue


County Roads Rescue is a Non-Profit organization located in Cherokee County, Texas.

We formed our organization to help with a county that is over-run with abandoned animals.

Since forming in May of 2016, we have rescued over 500 animals. We rescue, vet, behaviorally assess and then find the perfect placement for each animal. This is a costly process and we rely on the support of our community!

Currently we have 60 animals in our program. This number varies from month to month.


      Recent News!

We are currently trying to expand our facility. We have some unused land that we have cleared to place a new 40X12 building that will be used for cats. This will include two rooms. An intake room, and a free roam room that connects to an outside catery for  playtime. This will free up our small cat room that we use now to be used as a whelping area for new dog moms. If you would like to donate towards this fundraiser please follow the link below. 


New Cat Facility